Friday, February 11, 2011

Frostbite by Richelle Mead

Publishing Date: April 10, 2008
Publisher: Razorbill
Pages: 336
Rating: 4.5/5
Age Group: Young Adult
Source: Library
Interest: Part of Vampire Academy Series
Frostbite starts where Vampire Academy left off. Lissa and Christian are dating now and Rose still loves Dimitri, her teacher.When there is a huge strigoi attack, everyone from St. Vladimir gets to go to a fancy ski resort in Idaho, which is where a lot of royal Moroi go.
Mason still has a big crush on Rose, and she is starting to think that she should give up on wooing Dimitri. Rose's mom comes into her life out of thin air, and Rose thinks that Dimitri likes Tasha, Christian's aunt. Meanwhile, the Strigoi are still wreaking havoc on Moroi.
Mason, Mia, and Eddie decide to hunt down the Strigo before anyone else gets hurt. When Rose realizes this, she and Christian set off to find the three and end up in big trouble.
What will happen next?
Here is my review:
I loved this book!!!! It took me a few days to read, but it only took me that long because of homework. Richelle Mead is a genius when it comes to her writing, her character development and production, and her plot ideas. In this book, I just kept guessing (and usually got things wrong, haha). Rose is a great role model, because she is learning how to have self-control and not attack other people when she gets angry. She inspires me to try harder. There is a lot of humor and action in Frostbite. Mason was a bit annoying, but cute at the same time. Also, this story was a bit boring at times, but usually I went right through it. I think I actually enjoyed this book more than Vampire Academy. Even though I started reading this vampire series later than most other people, it is still one of my favorite series thus far. (My other favorite is the Pretty Little Liars Series). Right now, I am currently reading Shadow Kiss, so I will put my review up soon.
Allison T.

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